Copper Alembic

Handmade copper alembic inspired by the old Moorish tradition, widely used in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

All components are soldered alembic copper or brass, without the use of rivets. In this way the construction obtains the desired tightness. Cooler condensing called "coil" is connected to the cauldron with brass couplings, which facilitates quick disconnect individual elements. The use of both the cooler inlet (at the bottom of the radiator) and outlet (top) and the descending vapor condensation issue because the water circulates in the opposite direction.

The connection between the cauldron and the dome should be sealed with Teflon tape or a traditional method used for centuries - rye flour mixed with a little water. After each use alembic must be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Before first use and when unused for long periods alembic distillation should be carried out preliminary (for clean water), which will allow you to remove impurities formed in the solder and copper oxides formed on prolonged storage.

In our shop, we offer this model alembic in five sizes: 5.5 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters and 30 liters. They differ only in size and weight. The shape and operation are the same for all of them. Photography with two alembics on dark background shows the proportions of between 5.5 alembikiem liter and 30 liter.